Women Finding Success in Wine

In my last column, I extoled the virtues that Barbara Widmer, winemaker, brings to the Tuscan classic, Brancaia. She’s taken a family venture and morphed it into a world-class winery. Following up on that theme, today we will explore what three more women are bringing to wine culture. Stories about

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Lee and Chavez Ruminate on The Future of Wine

Lee and Chavez ruminate on the future of wine  As you will recall from my last column about Adam Lee, I met up with Adam and his general manager for Clarice, Morét Brealynn Chavez, at World of Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara in early March.  Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok (and,

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The Irrepressible and Indefatigable Adam Lee

Adam Lee, founder and former owner of Siduri Winery, is not an imposing figure. But he makes new friends and maintains his sizeable contingent of old ones with his infectious (and often self-deprecating) sense of humor and genuine willingness to help out however he can. That’s how he gained his

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How David Hejl of Domaine Della Became a Winemaker

How David Hejl of Domaine Della Became a Winemaker Last month in Santa Barbara at World of Pinot Noir, I met up with David Hejl, whose pinots feature what Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate describes as “wonderfully ripe, spicy red fruit.”  From a family of 11 brothers and sisters, David took

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Reminiscing About Some Fine Days With Wine

COVID-19 sucks, big time! I sorely miss dining indoors, hugging my friends, going wine tasting, and just generally being normal.  I try to quell my anxiety by remembering what life used to be like.  What follows is a memory of how glorious life can be and what we can pray will be

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Meet James Hall, Pinot Master Craftsman

Ah, before the days and ravages of COVID-19 Back when you could gather hundreds or even thousands of folks (WITHOUT MASKS!! — can you believe it?), standing than 6 feet apart and actually pushing and shoving, all without a worry about contracting a potentially fatal disease. That’s what wine tastings

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The World of Pinot Noir

Rebecca Work is the owner of Ampelos Wines. There were two estates or winemakers that stood out for me: Ampelos (who also does much of the work in creating GoGi wines, Kurt Russell’s winery) and Blue Farms from Sonoma As they say in their web site, “​In 1999 we purchased

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New But Experienced Sonoma Wine

I was talking to Adam Lee (you know, the transplanted Texan who makes those yummy Pinots), discussing an upcoming trip to Sonoma. I asked him if he could recommend any new wineries to visit. Without a pause, “You’ve gotta see Jake Bilbro at Limerick Lane.” Adam provided an introduction, and

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