Tasting Brancaia’s Wines

Brancaia Wines Italy Now that you’ve been properly introduced to Brancaia and its winemaker, Barbara Widmer, let’s talk about their wines. Giuditta, our delightful hostess whom I mentioned in my first column, provided us with a masterful presentation of nine of Brancaia’s offerings. We started with the 2022 rosé (100%

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The Delectable Wines of Casanova di Neri

The delectable wines of Casanova di Neri Italy I promised in my last column to tell you about our experience sampling the wines from Casanova di Neri. Well, to get quickly to the point, they were phenomenal. They were so awesome that my brother, Ward, who doesn’t like wine and

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Casanova di Neri History and Operations

Gianlorenzo Neri met us at his family’s Montalcino winery (Casanova di Neri) on a beautiful June morning in the heart of Tuscany. Now Tuscany is everything that you’ve read and seen, only better because you are actually there. The rolling hillsides, the grapes ripening on the vine, quaint towns hundreds

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Italy, Brunello and Casanova di Neri

Italy, Brunello and Casanova di Neri Wineries and winemakers amaze me. They work from late-fall pruning their vines to early-spring thinning leaves and from late-summer to mid- or late-October harvesting their crops. And this is just the work in the vineyard itself. The work inside the winery continues year-round. Those

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Our Italian Sojourn, Part 2

Our Italian Sojourn, Part 2 As I opined in my last column, don’t go to Florence in June, July, or August if you can go any other time. I had been before in December, and it was magnificent. Florence has so much to offer, from Michelangelo’s “David,” to its awe-inspiring

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Our Italian Sojourn, Part 1

Our Italian Sojourn, Part 1 So, we’ve just returned from a sometimes enchanting and sometimes frustrating tour of Italy. We began our journey in Milan. Our first objective was to get a 15-minute visit with Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” an exquisite work that challenges the finest preservationists to

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