Hospice du Rhone, From the French Perspective

Many wine tasting events say that there will be “wineries from around the world pouring.” Often, that translates into one or two importers offering samples from a few minor wineries. Not so Hospice du Rhone. The French luminaries included Château de Beaucastel, Chateau Juvenal, Château Pesquié, Chene Bleu, Domaine la Barroche,

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David Phinney and His Next Act

So, you’ve sold two of your wine labels for a reported $40 million at a wizened old age of 37. Next? Enjoy life, raise your kids, travel?  If you’re Dave Phinney, the answer is a big, “NO WAY!”  In 2010, Phinney sold two labels (The Prisoner, an otherworldly zinfandel blended with other grapes that aren’t

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The Test — Does Bordeaux Age Gracefully?

The Bordeaux region, a lovely area of southwest France, boasts annual wine production of 700 million bottles over an area of almost 300,000 acres. Bordeaux wines run the gamut of some of the most expensive (Wally’s in West Los Angeles offers a bottle of 2009 Ch. Petrus for $5,000, that’s

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The Wine Tasting of a Lifetime

For my 50th birthday (which was ___ years ago), my loving sister, Becky, gave Terry and I tickets to Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour, held that year in Los Angeles. Now, we’d never been to a major wine tasting event before. As we walked into the ballroom at the Century Plaza

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Experiencing Loire Valley Wines

April 11 marked my first somewhat intensive sampling of wine from the Loire Valley. You remember my last column — about the fact that I toured the Loire Valley years ago — focused on castles and not the world-class grape varietals that have made that area famous, along with the

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The 2016 Bordeaux UGC Wine Tasting

I’ve told you before how much I respect the operation at K & L Wines, the retailer from the Bay Area that opened a Hollywood branch quite a while ago. We’ve enjoyed great tastings there, especially the Champagne extravaganza they host annually. In addition to their yearly events, K &

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